Shoot Your Shot – Young Lions

🦁 2nd Place in the US Cannes Young Lion Competition 🦁

“Maybe if touching a nut kills you, you’re supposed to die.” – Disgraced Comedian

We know we should protect and respect people with food allergies, but secretly we think they’re the problem – not our culture. That’s why with the non-profit E.A.T, Nike and Serena Williams, who is an allergy sufferer herself, we’re turning the “Survival of the Fittest” mantra on its head. Because even the toughest athlete in the game can get knocked down by a teeny-tiny peanut.

Introducing the EpiC line of clothing featuring a built-in EpiPen holster and injection target spot that will help build awareness, raise funds and ultimately help find a cure for food allergies.


People will do a lot to go to Cannes, but few have ripped off their pants in front of a room full of esteemed industry leaders to do so. My AD partner and I prototyped our EpiC line leggings and couldn’t help but put on a show when showing them off.

Art Director: Tony Avila