Jess Phelan

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In the first grade, when fine motor skills are developing and coloring takes up at least 60% of your day, I quickly noticed that my drawings were not up to par with that of my classmates. Yes, my cats had whiskers and my dogs had floppy ears, but that was all that distinguished one stick figure from another.

Despite many attempts, I just couldn't make what I pictured in my head come to life with a 24 pack of Crayola Crayons. So, instead, I turned to the written word to express my "overactive imagination" and I never looked back. Since then, I've written many things: tweets for President Obama, analytics reports, approximately one million manifestos, TV ads, all of my friends' dating profiles and of course this origin story.

These days, I help solve for brands like USPS, Under Armour and Going beyond just selling products, I specialize in changing perceptions and motivating actions.

Put a problem in front of me and I'll gladly tackle it... as long as it's not hand-drawing a horse because that's a job much better left to a six-year-old (although, I'm happy to find someone to help you with that).

Working on developing motor skills, age 6